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Level 1 Abstract Mathematics AMAT101

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. MacEwan.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students should be showing mathematical aptitude in Year 10 with an eagerness to learn new concepts and a desire to succeed in mathematical study.. Students will be placed by the HOD in the Level 1 Mathematics course which most suits their background, ability and future pathway in consultation with the student and their Yr 10 teacher.

Abstract Mathematics (AMAT101):
This course aims to give students the necessary mathematical and algebraic skills and background to continue with Mathematics at Level 2, as well as to further develop logical thinking and problem solving techniques. A lot of the mathematical knowledge taught in this course is in the more abstract field of Mathematics needed to further study courses with mathematic rich content at University. There will be one external AS offered.
This course is designed around the Level 1 achievement standards and Level 6 of the Mathematics Curriculum. Students are expected to sit the standard offered in this course to be admitted into Level 2 courses.

Course Overview

Term 1
Study of statistical Mathematics including multi-variate, Bi-Variate and Time Series data.

Term 2
In this term we will look at graphing and equations

Term 3
This term will mainly be a focus on the Algebra content. Also some Trigonometry and Measurement

Term 4
This term we will finish by looking at Number

Learning Areas:



NCEA Level 2 Mathematics E 201 with 3 External Assessments, NCEA Level 2 Mathematics E 211 with 3 External Assessments, NCEA Level 2 Mathematics I 201 with 1 External Assessment, NCEA Level 2 Personal Financial Capability 201

AMAT101 is a required course for anyone intending to study University courses requiring Mathematics and/or Statistics.