Year 9 TECHNOLOGY - Fashion and Textiles Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs T. Tippett

Recommended Prior Learning

Open to anyone interested in learning to sew and make things with fabric.

This course is about designing and making products in textiles [fabrics]. It is run in the sewing room.

In this course students will learn to:

  1. Sew by hand
  2. Use the sewing machine
  3. Understand fabrics and their properties
  4. Follow a design process to design a product
  5. Design their own product
  6. Be creative

Students make textile items at Year 9, but not garments [clothes]. Students begin learning garment construction in Year 10.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be costs for materials for take home products.


Learning Areas:

Year 9 Courses, Technology

Assessment Policy & Procedures

10 Fashion and Textiles Technology

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students are required to provide their own stationery.
There will be costs for materials for projects. Projects are taken home.