NCEA Level 3 Physical Education A301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Redpath

Recommended Prior Learning

Students who have completed a minimum of 14 credits in PEDA201 or PEDS201 can do this course with the approval of the HOD required in marginal cases.
Students who have not previously studied PED can enrol with HOD approval. Students are able to study both PEDA301 and PEDS301 in agreement with the HOD.

Physical Education A301
The course has a major written component based on practical experiences. Topics covered include the Issue of Inactivity and Obesity, the Evaluation of Participation in a Personal Training Programme,Taking Action to get Young Children Active, an Outdoor Education Module assessed on Risk Management Analysis of a Queen Charlotte Track Walk and an Evaluation of Personal Physical Activity Experiences to devise Strategies for Lifelong Well-being.

UE Approved Subject

Learning Areas:

Physical Education

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$380 for the Outdoor Education Module.
A maximum of 4 days for the Queen Charlotte Track Walk in the Marlborough Sounds, which will include some weekend time

Assessment Information Students don't have to do all 28 credits. Individual programs are designed to suit the needs of each student and their personal goals for the year. 28 credits is the maximum and 14 credits is the minimum expectation.