NCEA Level 1 Product Design and Manufacturing 101

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs T. Tippett

Recommended Prior Learning

The Year 10 Product Design and Manufacturing course is preferable as basic skills are taught in that course in preparation for NCEA.


Images are past projects. Projects are changed regularly so are indicative only.

In this course students will develop product designs and make products. This course is run in the school workshop.

Students will learn:

  1. To follow health and safety codes of practice
  2. About materials and their properties
  3. About different ways to form and manipulate materials
  4. How to construct products [mainly in wood]
  5. How to follow steps to develop a design
  6. How to apply a finish to materials
  7. How to carry out quality control checks when constructing a product
  8. How to develop and carry out a multi unit manufacturing process
  9. To write construction plans, to follow and review those plans to manage a project

There is a written report attached to the manufacturing standard which enables the course to eligible for course endorsement.

PLEASE NOTE: Students taking this course need to be good at self management and will be expected to follow the workshop codes of practice for health and safety requirements at all times on this course. 

There are course costs for the materials used to make take home products.

This course leads into and is a pre-requisite for the Level 2 Product Design and Manufacturing course.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

NCEA Level 2 Product Design and Manufacturing 201

Career Pathways

Jeweller, Industrial Designer, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Furniture Finisher, Artist, Building Contractor

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There will be costs for the materials for projects. Projects are taken home.
Students will be required to provide an apron for practical work.

Assessment Information This course involves a range of different assessments. Students will be assessed on: - the quality of their practical skills - their level of independence and how effectively they use their resources including their time - their ability to write, follow and review a construction plan - their ability to develop a multi-manufacturing process and the quality to which they implement it - their ability to write a report