NCEA Level 1 Mathematics I 101 (Internal course)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. MacEwan

Recommended Prior Learning

Students should have gained Achieved or better in most Year 10 common tests and in all sections of the Year 10 exam. Students will be placed by the HOD in the Level 1 Mathematics course which most suits their background and ability.

Mathematics Internal 101

This course aims to give students the necessary mathematical skills and background to continue with Mathematics at Level 2, as well as to further develop logical thinking and problem solving techniques. 

This course is designed around the Level 1 achievement standards and Level 5/6 of the Mathematics Curriculum. Students are expected to sit all standards offered in this course and gain 15 credits to be admitted into Level 2 courses. This course includes Internal standards from Mathematics and Personal finance. 

There is an expectation that all students will have access to their own device. For some internals they will complete work on a device. Other standards they are not allowed to use their device and so must have a calculator. We recommend the Graphics Calculator Casio FX9860.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

NCEA Level 2 Mathematics I 201 with 1 External Assessment, NCEA Level 2 Personal Financial Capabilities 201

MATI101 is a required course for anyone intending to study trade courses requiring Mathematics and/or Statistics.