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NCEA Level 3 Legal Studies 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Struthers.

Recommended Prior Learning

8 credits or more credits at Level 2 or higher in any one of the following subjects: English, History, Geography, Classics, Legal Studies.

Legal Studies 301

Legal Studies is a blend of law, history, politics, international relations and sociology. It is a social sciences course designed to make students more aware of the world around them from a legal perspective. Students will gain an understanding of the Law in NZ as it relates to them. Topics include: systems of justice, international relations - Pitcairn Islands Trials, social action, and criminology. Students will participate in a range of practical activities including mock trials and debates.

UE Approved Subject

Course Overview

Term 1
In Term 1 students will begin the year understanding the law-making process in relation to controversial or contested law change. They will begin a critical social inquiry by identifying an issue that is reflected in a social action film, extending this context to cover legislation and potential law changes related to a chosen issue, past contexts have included; environment, women's rights, animal rights, racism, free speech, LGBTQI+ issues and so on.

Term 2
Students return to ideas of Justice, litigation and dispute resolution. Building on Level 2 Legal Studies students will evaluate litigation and dispute resolution processes in relation to challenging state power. They then examine a past social action of their choosing and evaluate its effectiveness and implications of the action on wider society.

Term 3
This term, the class will plan, carry out and examine their personal involvement in a social action that aims to influence policy change in some way. Towards the end of the term, students will begin to prepare for an external standard which looks at the impacts of ideologies and their impact on society.

Term 4
This term students continue preparation for the external.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

Assessment Information

Above is an offering of the possible assessment opportunities in Legal Studies.
Students wishing to use Legal Studies as a UE subject may prioritise the Achievement Standard assessments in this course.

Career Pathways

Barrister, Elected Government Representative, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Judge, Workplace Relations Adviser, Court Registry Officer, Paramedic, Pathologist, Police Officer, Emergency Management Officer, Corrections Officer, Forensic Scientist, Fishery Officer, Funeral Director/Embalmer, Health and Safety Inspector, Security Officer/Guard, Parking Officer, Probation Officer, Intelligence Officer