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NCEA Level 3 Food, Nutrition and Society 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Ford.

Recommended Prior Learning

Preferable: Food and Nutrition, Health or a Social Science at level 2.  If you haven't studied any of these courses, please come and have a chat to Ms Ford - it just may be the course for you!

This course has been developed from the Health (Home Economics/Food and Nutrition) curriculum area. Students will be able to gain University Entrance from this course.  Three of the standards offered are University Entrance literacy standards.  This could be a good option if you are looking for a literacy rich course.

Use critical thinking to investigate nutritional issues in New Zealand society.  What are the issues that are having an impact on our nation's health?  Why are these issues occurring?  How do the various stakeholders see the issues - are they  about free choice?  should there be government intervention?  Are these issues effecting everyone equally?
After looking at a nutritional issue - we take action on the issue. This means implementing an action plan to address issues raised. Students will be engaging with the school community and the wider community to address the nutritional issue they choose.
Investigate the influence of multinational companies on eating habits in New Zealand.
We look at the influences of food advertising on what we choose to eat.  How does this impact the well-being of an  individual but also our society as a whole.

Please note that this class may have one practical per week and is theory based.  

UE Approved Subject

Course Overview

Term 1
Investigating a nutritional issue that has an impact on New Zealand society both now and in the future.

Term 2
Taking action - what can we do about the issue we have identified. This will involve a food and nutrition related project in the community.

Term 3
How are multinationals having an impact on how and what we eat? How has New Zealand society changed? what are our challenges for the future.

Using our knowledge from the course we will be exploring how advertising and media convey messages about food choices.

Term 4
Using our knowledge from the course we will be exploring how advertising and media convey messages about food choices.

Learning Areas:

Food and Nutrition

Career Pathways

Registered Nurse, Oral Health Therapist, Health Care Assistant, Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Chef, Dietitian, Health Promoter, General Practitioner, Early Childhood Teacher, Food Technologist, Primary School Teacher, Nanny/Child Carer, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher, Teacher Aide

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$25 donation would be appreciated if timetabled practical classes take place.