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NCEA Level 3 Drama 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Holswich.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students who choose Drama at Level 3 must understand that there is a performance component to the course, that they will need to be attending class consistently and that there is a large reliance on group work. If you have not taken Drama before it would be best that you contact the TIC to discuss if the course would be suitable for you. 

Drama 301

This course takes committed, enthusiastic applicants who want to fully realise their potential. It develops their performance ability to a very high standard - encouraging them to become independent, self managing and adept at a range of skills.  Students have the opportunity to explore their voice through devising, perform a substantial acting role in a significant production, and extend their acting technique. Courses can be tailored more specifically to an individual’s need or preference throughout the year as required. Performing before an audience is a requirement of the course.

Drama is an approved subject for University entrance. The study of Drama can lead to many career paths as it builds empathy, collaborative skills, creativity and the ability to manage oneself and others through successful communication. A number of students go on to study the subject at a tertiary level.

Scholarship Drama is an option for those who are at a consistently high level of commitment and performance.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance

Career Pathways

Beekeeper, Building Surveyor, Artistic Director, Meat/Seafood Process Worker, Automotive Technician, Baker, Dancer, Building Insulator, Courier/Delivery Agent, Brick and Blocklayer, Building Contractor, Building and Construction Labourer, Building and Construction Manager, Entertainer, Butcher, Dairy Processing Operator, Textile Process Operator, Carpenter, Kitchenhand, Animator/Digital Artist, Mining Engineer, Holiday Park Manager, Accountant, Auditor, Actor, Actuary, Office Administrator, Finance Manager, Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aircraft Refueller, Paramedic, Pathologist, Patternmaker, Architectural Technician, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Historian

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students are encouraged to attend at least one optional trip to see a live performance. The cost is usually between $15-30 per performance.