NCEA Level 2 Drama 201

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Brown

Recommended Prior Learning

Drama 101 results/HOD discretion.

Drama 201
This course takes motivated, dedicated applicants. The work covered in Year 11 Drama is extended and further develops a student’s truthful connection to text. The course specialises in developing complex acting process skills and detailed knowledge of classical texts. While there are set units of work there is also a lot of opportunity for individual choice among the units.

The internal content includes their choice of either script-writing or small/whole group devised work; performing a substantial acting role and using complex performance skills in regard to a genre (Shakespeare traditionally). The text chosen for Shakespeare compliments their prior learning of genre in Year 11. Students enrolled in level 2 English will also benefit from this course as there is a Shakespeare component in English too. 

A choice for the external exam covers analysing and discussing production aspects of a live performance seen during the year, or a text from a specific genre, or both if they wish. The genre exam AS 91215 has been listed below as an example. Both exams are worth 4 credits.

As students have a choice between AS 91220 (scriptwriting) and AS 91214  (group devised). The actual number of credits is either 21 or 22. (26 credits are listed below).

Student choice is also available with a directing assessment AS 91221 Direct a scene for drama performance - 4 credits, which could be done in conjunction with the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare festival.

Students who are interested in the technical side of drama rather than performance can choose from a range of standards to demonstrate and apply their knowledge. Some of the credits offered are in technologies like lighting, make-up, costume, set and prop design etc. Please contact the HOD of Drama for more information.

Thoroughly preparing, rehearsing and then performing/operating equipment before an public audience is a requirement of the course.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance

Assessment Policy & Procedures

NCEA Level 3 Drama 301

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Refill paper, pens, pencils, a folder for notes, glue etc. Students will be required to attend professional performances; discounted ticket prices will be negotiated with theatres. The department will offer a range of viewing experiences throughout the year. The course may be supported by professional tutors where applicable and some costs may be associated. Drama is an approved subject for University entrance.