NCEA Level 1 Drama 101

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Brown

Drama 101

This interesting and exciting NCEA course extends the students academic knowledge and practical skills and is more specialised in studying complex acting techniques and specific genre/s for external exams and internal assessments. Students with a drive to succeed are to be encouraged to follow their passion and select this course.

The acting course covers internal and external NCEA standards involving:

  • Paired performance using drama techniques to present short scenes,
  • Small group or whole class devised work working with short stories or a site specific location,
  • A full length public performance of a popular play. 
  • There is an external exam that centers on a chosen theatre form - traditionally Greek theatre.

We may include another internal on a specific theatre form too - worth 4 credits if time allows. This is included in the table below as AS 90999 v4.

Students with an interest in production technologies can also undertake standards in lighting, make-up, costuming, and props/set construction etc. These mentioned here are worth 4 credits each. If you are interested please consult the head of department.

Rehearsing and performing with confidence before an audience is a requirement of the course. All internal units are group based.

Candidates can choose this course if they have not been involved in drama before but will need to see the head of the department.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance

Assessment Policy & Procedures

NCEA Level 2 Drama 201

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Refill paper, pens, pencils, glue etc. Students are encouraged to attend outside performances; discounted ticket prices will be negotiated with theatres. The department will offer a range of viewing experiences throughout the year. This is so students develop their critical thinking skills. The course is also supported by professional tutors (where applicable) and some costs may be associated.