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NCEA Level 3 Dance 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Holswich.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students taking this course will have an interest in composing new dances and will be willing to perform publicly. Good attendance and a willingness to participate will support success in this collaborative subject.

Contact the TIC if you have any further questions. 

Dance 301
This course covers dance choreography, performance and analysis with a focus on extending individual skills and interests. Students will explore choreographic devices to develop a significant choreographic work, and will continue to develop their performance skills in a variety of dance styles. The external standard requires students to critically analyse a dance work of a professional company.  At Year 13, students have some choice about which standards to focus on and collaborate in developing their individual programme of learning. 

Dance is a University Entrance approved subject. Skills gained in Dance such as creative processes, analysis, innovation, communicating ideas, and collaborating effectively with others can be applied to a wide variety of occupations.

Participation in a live public performance is a compulsory aspect of this course.

Scholarship Dance is also an option in this course. 

Please note the actual credits available will be decided with individuals at the beginning of the course. All standards on offer are listed below, but it is not expected that students attempt all standards. Students can expect to gain between 14 and 22 credits depending on their individual interests. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Students explore choreographic processes and create a dance work based on a given stimulus.

Term 2
Students learn a repertoire of dance to present at the annual dance showcase.

Term 3
Students learn a solo or group dance and prepare for the external examination.

Term 4
Preparation for external examination continues.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance

Career Pathways

Actor, Artistic Director, Dancer, Entertainer, Musician, Model

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students will be required to provide performance blacks. This could be a plain black t-shirt or singlet, and plain black leggings, shorts or track pants.
Black jazz shoes are highly recommended.

'TC Dance' t-shirts and hoodies may be available for purchase throughout the year. These are optional and cost ranges between $30 - $60.

Optional trips to live professional dance performances will be offered and are a valuable learning experience for students. The cost is usually between $15-30 per performance.