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NCEA Level 3 Computer Science Information 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Foulds.

Recommended Prior Learning

Students need to have studied CSI201 

Two Achieved in the following Achievement Standards: 

Computer Science and Information 301

This academic course builds on the CSI201 course; 

It continues to extend both Programming and Database skills and the understanding of complex concepts in Computer Science.

This year the course:

  • Extends the programming language Python by exploring Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) and Classes which allow the use of Objects to be utilized in the code.
  • Builds on how database tables in a SQL database can be linked by a Many to Many relationship to output in a website and looks at how data in a database can be added, updated and removed via forms in the website all using PHP code, HTML and CSS.
  • Further exploration of complex concepts in Computer Science.
  • Students will also learn about Computer Graphics which is the main topic for their end of year External Exam.

Students can also take the option DIT301 as this course compliments CSI301.

University Entrance Approved Subject

Course Overview

Term 1
Practice for and complete an assessment, Assessment Standard 3.7_(91906)_Program

Term 2
Practice for and start an assessment, Assessment Standard 3.3_(91902)_Databases

Term 3
Complete an assessment, Assessment Standard 3.3_(91902)_Databases

Practice for and complete an assessment, Assessment Standard 3.1_(91900)_Digital Technologies Inquiry
This scaffolds students learning towards 3.9_(91908)_Computer Science Concepts

Term 4
Sit the External Exam Assessment Standard 3.9_(91908)_Computer Science_Concepts

Learning Areas:

Digital Information Technologies

Career Pathways

Animator/Digital Artist, Office Administrator, Finance Manager, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Information Technology Helpdesk/Support Technician, Information Technology Manager, Technical Writer, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Architect, Game Developer, User Experience Designer, Test Analyst, Network Administrator, Geospatial Specialist, Security Analyst, Data Analyst, Scrum Master

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A set of headphones (ear plugs).
Have credit on their Papercut account for printing of some assessments.