NCEA Level 3 Classical Studies 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Lomax

Recommended Prior Learning

This is a literacy heavy subject. You should have 12 credits from a level 2 subject which is literacy rich (eg English or History etc). Ideally you should already have your 10 UE literacy credits.

Classical Studies 301

In this course we study both ancient Greece and ancient Rome. We look at the how the Classical world has influenced different societies, Roman mythology (Gods and heroes), religion and how Roman Emperors used art and architecture as propaganda. This course will help students to develop a wide range of academic skills which can be used across any academic setting.  We will explore ideas such as citizenship and society, culture and identity, empire and power, conflict, and art and aesthetics.

20 Credits; UE Approved Subject

Course Overview

Term 1
Topic: Lasting influences of the classical world

Internal AS 91398: Demonstrate understanding of the lasting influences of the classical world on other cultures across time (6 credits)

Term 2
Topic: Virgil's Aeneid

Internal AS 91397: Demonstrate understanding of significant ideology(ies) in the classical world (6 credits)
Preparing for external AS 91394: Analyse ideas and values of the classical world.

Term 3
Topic: Roman Art and Architecture

Internal AS 91396: Analyse the significance of a work(s) of art in the classical world.

Term 4
Topic: Revision of External topics

External AS 91396: Analyse the impact of a significant historical figure on the classical world (4 credits)
External AS 91394: Analyse ideas and values of the classical world (4 credits)

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

Assessment Policy & Procedures
Career Pathways

Historian, Early Childhood Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Secondary School Teacher

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

No days out of school are planned at this stage although should a relevant exhibition or university day occur a trip may take place.