NCEA Level 2 Art Design 201

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Connor

Recommended Prior Learning

No prerequisites. However, students taking this course should have an interest in creative work and be prepared to do some written research, as well as visual communication design projects. Students should have access to a digital camera for image research.

Art Design 201
This course is an introduction to art design using computers and traditional techniques. It is ideal for those who have not taken Visual Art at Level 1, but wish to do a creative subject at Level 2. Those who struggle with practical Arts such as painting and printmaking may choose this course. Students will use computers and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to study visual communication and create their own work, according to their personal strengths and interests. They will research the work of contemporary designers and apply their knowledge of design concepts to produce a logo, LP record cover design and a poster to a musical event or exhibition. Students who wish to work in creative careers in the future (film-making, game design, illustration, etc.) will receive a strong foundation into the creative process and problem-solving, which are in-demand skills in many industries. A two panel folio is required for the external achievement standard.

Course Overview

Term 1
Logo Design: 4 credits

Term 2
LP Record Cover Design: 4 credits

Term 3
Poster Design, Event Invitation Design

Term 4
Completing/Presenting 2-panel folio for External Assessment (12 credits)

Learning Areas:


Assessment Policy & Procedures

NCEA Level 3 Art Design 301

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is a $40 donation to cover a portion of the materials used in class. Students will also be expected to purchase $20 credit for all individual printing and copying. There is also a 1-day Yoobee Design course which introduces Adobe Illustrator program on computers. This course costs approximately 60 dollars.

For more information contact Mr. Connor.

Pathway Tags

Animator, Concept Artist, Digital Illustrator, Digital 3D Modeller, Web Designer, iPhone / Android App Designer, Television / Film Producer, Documentary Film Maker, Camera Operator, Film Editor, Special Effects Designer, Video Game Design, You Tube Video Creator, Advertising Director, Logo / Branding Designer, Sign Writer, Magazine Layout Designer, Book / eBook Designer, Packaging Designer, Calendar / Stationary / Wallpaper Designer, Typographer, Industrial Designer / Bridge Designer, Toy Designer, Utensil Designer, Miniature Model Maker / Mock up Artist, Stained Glass Window Designer, Prop Designer, Food Product Designer, Potter / Ceramic Designer, Wood Turner / Carver, Mosaic Designer, Jeweller, Glass Artist, Airbrush Artist / Spray Painter, Architectural Illustrator, Book Illustrator, Graphic Illustrator, Technical / Textbook Illustrator, Storyboard Illustrator, Cartoonist / Caricaturist, Commercial Artist, Fine Artist (painter, sculptor etc.), Printmaker / Screen Printer, Courtroom Artist, Art Conservationist, Special Effects Makeup / Creature Design, Mural Artist, Tattoo Artist, Fibre Artist, Accessories Designer (Shoes / Bags / hats), Dressmaker, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer / Sports Apparel Designer, Fashion Merchandising, Pattern Maker, Costume Designer, Home Wares Designer, Fabric / Textiles Designer, Architect, Landscape Architect, Urban Designer / Town Planner, Playground / Theme Park / Sports Arena / Golf Course Designer, Interior Designer / Decorator, Film Set / Stage Design, Advertising Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Photo Journalist, Food Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Underwater Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Director of Photography, Art School Director, Primary School Teacher, Intermediate Art Teacher, College Art Teacher, University Lecturer / Professor, Private Art Instructor, Art Therapist, Art Dealer, Artist Agent, Food Stylist, Florist, Display and Exhibition Planner, Art / Design / Colour Consultant, Gallery Owner / Assistant, Museum Curator, Personal Stylist, Picture Framer, Online Curator, Art curriculum writer, Art Historian, Art Critic, Arts Administrator, Arts and Cultural Planner, Website owner / Blogger, Graphic Novel Author

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