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NCEA Level 3 Accounting 301

Course Description Recommended Prior Learning

Preferable: Accounting Levels 1 & 2. Learners who have not studied Accounting before will need permission from the HOD Commerce to take this course.

Accounting 301

The course builds on the knowledge and skills learned at Levels 1 and 2. Learners study: the reasons behind the development of accounting ideas, theory and practices; how businesses make decisions; the importance of financial and non-financial information; and the processing and reporting for partnerships and companies. They also consider investment opportunities.

UE Approved Subject

Opportunity to take at Scholarship level

Course Overview

Term 1
The year commences exploring how manufacturing businesses allocated costs across projects and jobs (AS91409 - 4 credits), then continues with exploration of how accounting works for partnerships, in relation to their formation and profit distribution processes (AS91405 - 4 credits).

Term 2
In term 2, learners will become familiar with how the financial statements for a company are prepared, particularly Cashflow statements (AS91406 - 5 credits).

Concurrently, learners will research and investigate a real New Zealand business to understand their Annual Financial Reporting, and write a report to demonstrate their understanding (AS91407 - 5 credits).

Term 3
The learning from term 2 will continue into early term 3. It will then be followed by a study of management accounting concepts and how these are used to inform a business' decision-making processes (AS91408 - 4 credits).

Term 4
Revision and exam preparation.

Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Accountant, Auditor, Accounts Officer, Actuary, Finance Manager, Economist, Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker, Payroll Officer, Management Consultant