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Year 9 CORE - Social Sciences

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Kōkā E. Stanbridge.

Social Sciences

Learning in the Social Sciences helps students to thrive in the diverse communities and environments of Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. Learning in the Social Sciences develops skills in conceptual thinking, research, exploring perspectives and critical and creative thinking to take social action.  Ākonga will draw on understandings of the past, to make sense of the present and inform future decisions and actions.

There is wide scope in the Social Sciences to learn in a range of contexts that suit students and allow them to bring their own diverse experiences and understandings of the world into the classroom.

Course Overview

Term 1
Mana Whenua

Student begin the year understanding the concept of mana whenua and why mana whenua are important to acknowledge. We spend time understanding elements of mana whenuatanga at Tawa College and explore the big question, "To what extent is Aotearoa New Zealand authentically bicultural?".

Term 2
Toia te Waka

The movement of people has significant and long-lasting impacts on people, places and communities. There are a number of diverse examples of how migration has shaped Aotearoa New Zealand and the world.

Term 3
Te Taiao

Students will look into resource use and understand how humans use resources and affect the environment. Students look into resource use to inquire into the best way to achieve sustainability.

Term 4
Whiti te Rā

This is an opportunity for students to put their learning into action! Students will learn about past social actions that have made change in our society as examples of ways that we can contribute positive change in our community. Students have a chance to design and implement a social action campaign that they are passionate about in order to deepen their understanding of citizenship, perspectives and problem solving.

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Courses 2024, Social Sciences


10 Social Sciences (CORE)

Social Sciences leads to Social Science subjects in the senior school. Senior Social Science subjects are: Classics, Geography, History, Legal Studies, Psychology, Tourism. Skills developed in the Social Sciences are transferrable and applicable across many other subjects.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Computer (as per school BYOD guidelines), A4 exercise book, scissors, ruler, pens, pencils, glue stick