Year 9 CORE - Social Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Avery

Social Studies
Social Science looks at the ways people think about and organise their
societies which are essential for developing citizenship and an understanding of the
cultural, social and political world in which people live.

Four major Year 9 topics are studies: New Zealand identity, Environment Issues,
an Ancient Society and and Enterprise. Within each topic there is considerable flexibility around content and teaching method. Minor topics may also be studied.

We place a significant emphasis on improving formal writing skills and on being able to
use resource material such as graphs, diagrams and images and on intelligent and
productive use of computers. We also use exercise books which complement BYOD as
their use involves different objectives. There are four topic assessments at year 9 and two  resources and writing assessments.  

Course Overview

Term 1
New Zealand Identity. What makes up the pupil's identity and what makes up the identity of New Zealand as a people.

The assessment for Term 1 is a test on unsighted resources, During their two years of Social Studies students do four of these. Two each year. They test how a well data in the form of text, graphs and visuals is used by an individual. They do not require learning of content. They are recorded on reports by grade.

Term 2
Environmental issues. Study of a range of important present environmental issues and a presentation in a choice of formats including, film, infographic, persuasive writing, children's book, pamphlet. This is a study of vital relevance to the future lives of pupils.

Term 3
A study of an ancient society or societies anywhere in place and time from around the world is the broad topic. The purpose of this is to give students some insight into how people once lived a long time ago in terms of human history and to see the similarities and differences of the human condition then and now.

The assessment format is an essay. The structure and style of what is at expected at this level is introduced and taught. An essay is basically a method of formally writing an answer to a question. This is open book meaning the essay is done in class.

Term 4
Enterprise. A study of enterprise past or present, large or small, local or global. Looking at how technology and business evolve and the impact of this. Assessment, an oral presentation of some work done in the topic.


10 Social Studies

Social Studies leads to Social science subjects in the senior school. The senior subjects are: Classics, Geography, History, Legal Studies, Psychology, Tourism. There is a great multitude of jobs that use the skills we develop in Social Science subjects.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Computer, 2B or similar exercise book, scissors, ruler, pen, pencil, coloured pencils small set

Pathway Tags

Politician, economist, social worker, cartographer, reporter, army officer, medical professional