Year 9 TECHNOLOGY - Spatial and Product Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs T. Tippett

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is open to anyone that has an interest in design and enjoys sketching and drawing.

This is a DESIGN course. Students do not make in this course, but it does include modelling techniques. It is run in the Graphics room.

In this course students learn to:

  1. Sketch freehand in isometric to construct drawings by hand
  2. Learn how to apply colour to their work to give it realism
  3. How to follow a design process to design a product
  4. Design a product
  5. Communicate their ideas visually
  6. How to analyse and evaluate products
  7. How to communicate their design thinking

The Year 9 course has a product design focus. It leads into the Year 10 Spatial and Product Design course, which is the preparation course for NCEA.

This design course is for students that enjoy designing, using their creativity and imagination.

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Courses, Technology

Assessment Policy & Procedures

10 Spatial and Product Design

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students will be required to supply their own stationery.
There will be costs for the consumable materials provided for modelling.