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Year 9 LANGUAGES - Introduction to Chinese (Mandarin) Language and Culture

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Bresler.

Recommended Prior Learning

Enthusiasm and an openness to different world views and values.

Unleash the Power of Mandarin: Level Up Your Future with Chinese!

Ready to embark on an epic language-learning adventure? Mastering Mandarin is the ultimate secret weapon for your future success. Here's why you should totally level up your language skills:

  1. 1. Rule the Global Arena: Mandarin is spoken by over a billion people worldwide, making it the most widely spoken language on the planet. Speaking Mandarin opens doors to new friendships, travel opportunities, and international collaborations. 

  2. 2. Supercharge Your Brain: Think of learning Mandarin as giving your brain an epic power-up. Studies show that bilingual individuals have improved memory, problem-solving skills, and creativity. 

  3. 3. Nail Future Job Opportunities: As China's influence in the global economy skyrockets, companies worldwide are desperately seeking Mandarin-speaking professionals. By mastering Mandarin in high school, you'll set yourself apart from the competition and become a hot commodity in the job market.

  4. 4. Win the Challenge and Boost Your Confidence: Mastering Mandarin may seem like a quest of epic proportions, but remember, every journey starts with a single step. As you conquer the language's challenges and progress, your confidence will skyrocket. 

Learning Areas:

Year 9 Courses 2024, Languages

Career Pathways

Cook, Auditor, Actuary, Finance Manager, Receptionist, Advertising Specialist, Sales and Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, Mining Engineer, Sales Representative, Accountant, Accounts Officer, Office Administrator, Copywriter, Aeronautical Engineer, Aeroplane Pilot, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Agricultural Technician, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, Air Force Aviator, Air Force Officer, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Aircraft Loader, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aircraft Refueller, Animator/Digital Artist, Actor, Survey Technician, Archivist, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artist, Artistic Director, Automotive Technician, Dancer, Tailor/Dressmaker, Biomedical Engineer, Entertainer, Film/Television Camera Operator, Baker, Counsellor, Trainer, Musician, Early Childhood Teacher, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Primary School Teacher, Kaiwhakaako Māori, Nanny/Child Carer, Tertiary Lecturer, Recreation Co-ordinator, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher, Teacher Aide, Interpreter, Translator