English Language Learners Reception

Course Description

English Language Learners Reception
The English Language Learners’ Reception course is a multi-level class that is designed for students who need additional support to cope with mainstream classes. Senior students who are not ready for NCEA assessments should be placed in this class.

This course assists students with their language development, comprehension and writing skills. It is aimed at students who are relatively new to learning English.

There is an emphasis on developing students’ speaking and listening skills, as well as learning strategies for improving reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Students are supported in developing their writing, with a focus on different genre, such as information texts, recounts and opinion writing.

There is diagnostic testing throughout the year to monitor the students' progression. Students are informed individually about their progress.

Digital learning is a key component of this class.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1B8 Exercise book