Year 9 ARTS - Music Choir Class

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Cameron

This option is designed for enthusiastic students who are interested in learning about music through singing. It is appropriate for students who have singing experience as well as those who have played an instrument but are new to singing. You will not be asked to sing by yourself in front of the other students. This option involves:

● Singing classical, musical theatre, jazz and folk (including waiata) songs in 2 and 3 part harmony
● Practising the foundations of healthy singing technique
● Learning to read music, and singing from sheet music
● Developing choir rehearsal skills, such as focusing, diligence, and listening skills
● Performing at a choir festival at the Michael Fowler Centre at the end of the course, or a Music Department concert for family and friends

Because of how choirs work, with teamwork and listening to the teacher being very important, if you choose this option you will need to demonstrate that you have both good listening skills and self-discipline. 


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