Year 9 TECHNOLOGY - Product Design and Manufacturing

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs T. Tippett


Pendant and Keep Box. (These products are examples only and are not indicative of projects students will make as projects change regularly.)

In this course students learn about materials, how to design products and how to make the product they have designed in wood. It is run in the school workshop.

Students will learn to:

  1. The health and safety codes of practice
  2. Understand materials and their properties
  3. Explore a range of materials and techniques
  4. Design and make a product using a design / technological process
  5. How to use hand tools with wood
  6. Understand products that exist in our world and how and why they are the way they are

The course will be approximately 50% design and theory and 50% practical work. 

This course begins to develop design and making skills in preparation for the Year 10 course and has a pathway through to Year 13.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will need to be good at self managing and must follow the workshop Health and Safety codes of practice at all times.

There will be costs for materials for take home projects.

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is open to anyone that is interested in both designing and making things in hard materials.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There will be costs for materials for projects. Projects are taken home.
Students will be required to provide an apron for practical work.


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