Year 9 ARTS - Drama 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Brown

9 Drama 1

9DRA1 is a course for those who are willing to learn new skills in confidence and in expression. It requires students who have self discipline, are focused, and have a generous nature when performing and working with others. Students who enjoy the thrill of public performance and are willing to try various techniques when presenting themselves before an audience will do well in this course. Dedicated students are able and are encouraged to do both drama courses at year 9.

Actual assessments in this half year course are:

Tribal introductions – a group devised unit about a fictional group of people who need to select a new leader in a created ceremony.

The ‘Human Zoo’ unit – a multi focus physical theatre performance for local kindergartens whereby you inhabit an animal character and interact with the audience.

Voice unit – students are to learn and perform a poem and present it to the audience using voice techniques. Technologies of lighting, projections and costume can be included in this unit.

Participation in class exercises and in public performance are an expected and compulsory part of this course.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

An exercise book, pens, pencils, glue-stick etc.