Year 9 TECHNOLOGY - Spatial and Product Design

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: T. Tippett

Lighting design project

This course is for those that would like to use their creativity and imagination through design. It is based in the graphic design room. Students will gain experience working as a designer in the field of product design for two terms based in the Graphics room. Product design is the designing of objects. Design ideas will be communicated and presented using a range of freehand drawing and 3D modelling techniques. This course begins to develop visual communications skills such as sketching, modelling and drawing as well as the basics of design language.

This course is the foundation for the Year 10 course which also extends into Spatial Design, the design of buildings and spaces, and has a pathway through to Year 13.


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$15 toward consumable materials

Stationery Requirements:
Graphics kit that is purchased through school. Cost $40

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is open to anyone that has an interest in design.